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Jacqmar Scarves

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This is a most unusual collection of  three 1940's wartime "Jacqmar" scarves made for propaganda purposes during rationing when (I imagine) luxury silk scarves were not being manufactured due to a shortage of silk. Two are linen, but one is silk/rayon (rare if silk). The renowned british company produced some of the most sought after scarves produced, especially during the Word War II era. I do not know if these are by Arnold Lever, as they do not bear his signature, only "Jacqmar" or "Jacqmar London". Note that the background colours are not  accurate as it is difficult to get a uniform photo of the fabric. For example the pink colour on the scarves is really a strong pink, and uniform throughout, so any shadows and fading in the pics are only due to the lighting when the photos were taken.

1. Linen : Blue on pink background with large print "Into Battle" with different regiments and mottos including:- The Royal Sussex, the Princess of Wales Own Regiment, Royal Horse Guards, The Lancashire Fusiliers, 10th Royal Hussars, The Royal Dragoons, figure of Britannia, and more. Excellent condition. Size: 3'1" x 2'11". Hand rolled edges. Signed: Jacqmar London

2. Linen: Pink background with "Music while you work" with motifs of musical instruments including bagpipes, drums, trumpets guitars, horns, etc. Excellent condition. Size: 3' x 2'10".Hand rolled edges. Signed: Jacqmar

3. Silk/Rayon: We are not sure whether this is silk or not, but it certainly feels like silk, and I've been dealing in period costume for 35 years. Cream background with a gun and bird motif, "Combined Operations" printed across. Unfortunately the dye has run in some places (see last photo for worst stain patch), otherwise in good condition with no holes. Size: 3' x 2'11".Hand rolled edges. Signed: Jacqmar London

These scarves have genuine historical interest for collectors of costume and 1940's memorabilia alike.

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